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Graduate Student Resources

Graduate Student Workshops and Events

Develop Self-Awareness

Self-assessment is an important first step. Embark on this process early in your graduate studies to give you greater breadth for strategic planning and to keep a range of career options open.

Explore Career Options

Learn enough to make an informed choice about your future. Research and explore careers by keeping one foot in the outside world. Connect with others. Try new and different things. Stretch your capabilities and find out what other talents you possess. Gain valuable skills through a volunteer opportunity, an internship, or a part-time position related (or even unrelated) to your academic pursuits.

Create Communication Materials

Create a targeted marketing campaign for yourself. Develop communication strategies that zero in on your best talents and abilities.

Make Career Decisions

Leverage faculty advisors, alumni, and other contacts in your chosen field(s) to tap the “hidden job market” in both the academic and non-academic arenas.