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Welcome Graduate Students

Whether you are studying education, humanities, social sciences, business or a STEM discipline, we offer counseling and resources to help you define and articulate your career goals and professional value toward presenting your “best-self.”

Take advantage of our administrative Course Site for graduate students: GRAD_CAREER_RESOURCES.  This site contains career guides, electronic workshops, helpful career exploration links, and important information about events.

• Discuss what you want for yourself in the future, and a plan to get there.
• Seek advice on any career-related issues.
• Receive a critique of your resume, CV, cover letter, teaching philosophy statement, statement of research interest, or other job search communications materials.
• Develop a strategic and multi-faceted job search strategy.
• Fine-tune the skills of getting to know people and letting others get to know you – a job search and personal career development strategy called networking.
• Discuss strategies for evaluating job offers and negotiating salary.

To schedule an appointment, call: 610-758-3710

We know how time-consuming graduate study can be. The GRAD_CAREER_RESOURCES Course site provides access to helpful information around the clock.  If you have questions concerning the "how-to's" of job searching (i.e. writing a resume, conducting a networking meeting), please prepare for your appointment by first learning and applying the basic skills provided in this Course Site. Doing so will greatly enhance your appointment time and get you prepared more efficiently. We look forward to working with you!